Application tips

You have gained an impression of us and now we should get to know you? Then try to impress us! Your first step is an informative application.

1.  Which documents belong to an application?
  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Career-related (employment) references and certificates

2.  What does a good cover letter look like? 
  • Which position you are applying for.
  • Why you are applying for this position.
  • Why you are the right candidate and your cooperation absolutely vital.
  • What you expect from the position.
  • A letter of application should arouse our interest and encourage us to read on!

3.  How do I set up a CV?
  • In tabular form starting with your latest employment

4.  Which formal rules should I comply with?

  • Check your wording, spelling and legibility.
  • For online applications, make sure you use common software that can be opened on any computer.

Note the instructions on our FAQ.